Trans Iowa Master's Program

Somewhere in O'Brian County Iowa
This is the page that has the details on the "Trans Iowa Master's Program". A Self Supported  Challenge across the State of Iowa.

The Latest: 12/29/13:  Okay, here are the latest updates going into this becoming "live", so please take note! 
  • The course is laid out, and only a recon is left to determine if everything is in order. The route is coming out at 377 miles at this time. I would suggest that it won't change either way very much post the recon being done.
  • The route cues are all drafted. These will be posted online after a recon of the route is done this coming Spring 2014. Route cues will be available to download mid-May to about the end of August and then they will be taken down.  
  • The route starts at the western border of Iowa, just outside of Hawarden on a bridge over the Big Sioux River. It ends on the banks of the Mississippi at Lansing Iowa. This route truly goes across the state, border to border. 
  • The waiver and release form has been drafted and will be available to download soon. 
  • The "Rules and Spirit of the Event" are now written in final form, available to view below. 
More details and news soon!
What: An approximately 340 mile, cross-state, self supported gravel road challenge. The finishers must also write and submit a report with images of their adventure afterward.

Where: Starting from Hawarden, Iowa, the route will take in parts of the T.I.V1, T.I.V2, and T.I.V4 routes covering the state from West to East in the upper three tiers of counties in the state.

When: The Challenge can be taken up after June 1st and can not be started after August 31st of 2014, the year of the anniversary of T.I.V10. Written reports with images will be accepted until September 30th, 2014.

How: People that accept The Challenge must ride a bicycle via a predetermined route, (cues will be provided online at a later date), and then the people that finish must provide a written report with images that can be submitted via e-mail to be published online. Both tasks must be completed to be considered a "finisher" of  the TIMP.

About The Course: The TIMP will be run on public roads and bridleways in a linear fashion from West to East across Iowa. The course will be at least 95% or more gravel roads. There will be pass through towns which include the following: Hawarden, Orange City, Sutherland, Petersen, Linn Grove, Sioux Rapids,  Mallard, West Bend, Algona, Forest City, Osage, Cresco, Decorah, and Lansing.

Most of the course will be former Trans Iowa routes, with the exception of the very end of the course in the east, which might comprise of 15 miles to get to the Eastern border of Iowa at  Lansing. (Finer details on mileage will be coming later.) There may be deviations due to road construction, bridges out, etc. A recon to verify the route will occur in the Spring.

The Challenge: The idea is that anyone who accepts The Challenge will adhere to the "Rules and Spirit of this Event", (see below). There will be a waiver online which must be signed and submitted which "declares" your intent to take on The Challenge. You must also declare the date(s) that you intend to attempt The Challenge.  You must also declare whether you are doing this as the "standard", Group TIMP or the the ITT version. The Challenge waiver and release form cannot be submitted less than 2 days prior to your attempt. If your attempt fails for any reason, (DNS, weather, physical, mechanical, etc), you cannot resubmit another attempt. One and done!

The Challenge is meant to be a solo effort, but you may ride with one or more riders. (Group TIMP) Riders may choose The Challenge, or the "ITT Challenge". The ITT Challenge is purely a solo attempt at doing the route in the fastest possible time. Riders must do the ITT Challenge alone. No other riders may be present during an ITT Challenge attempt. You will be asked to choose which type of TIMP you mean to attempt on the waiver.

Either way you go, after The Challenge has successfully been ridden, a GPS track must be submitted for approval, and a 250-500 word report on your attempt with a minimum of ten images taken during your attempt must also be submitted to be considered an "official finisher". Stories and images will become the property of Guitar Ted Productions, (GTP), and may be used in future projects by GTP.

This is a FREE event. The Challenge is solely an individual's excursion, and anyone attempting The Challenge is responsible for themselves. 

Rules and Spirit of this Event:

The Challenge is based on honesty and integrity. You have to live with your conscious and the decisions you made the rest of your life. Don't ruin things by cheating. Cheaters will be plagued with flat tires and squeaky chains for eternity.

The Challenge will only be in effect from June 1st, 2014 through August 31st, 2014. However, feel free to use the route for your own tour/ride.Just remember- either way You Are Responsible For You!
  1. You must declare your ride or run at least two days prior to your attempt. A form will be provided here by January 1st, 2014. (Stay tuned)
  2. You will need to agree to and accept the waiver stating that you are doing this under your own volition and that you understand the risks. You Are Responsible For You! There is no support for this, and all logistics are up to each individual taking on The Challenge.
  3. You can ride solo, (ITT Challenge),  or as a group, (The Challenge), just declare your intention on the waiver. (Waivers will be available after Jan. 1st, 2014) Note: If you are doing a ITT TIMP, please check the "Schedule" on the site here to make sure you are not starting at the same time as someone else. More on "The Schedule" below.
  4. This is a self supported venture, no outside assistance will be allowed. "Outside assistance" is defined as anyone giving you anything at any time during the Challenge that is not a fellow racer, or in the case of the ITT Challenge, anyone giving you anything at all. ( The only exception is water you might get from a farmer/residence if given freely.) No exceptions. This includes any "cheering on", meeting friends or family along the route, etc. You must get there under your own power and by your own devices.  You may not advance on the route by any other means than bicycle or on foot.  You can purchase items along the way if you need them but you cannot phone family and friends to bring you things during the ride. You cannot cache water and other supplies along your route ahead of time. Convenience stores, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, etc, can be used to purchase re-supply items. Many exist along the route. If for any reason you are unable/unwilling to continue by bicycle or on foot, your attempt is over. Riders are responsible for their own safety and must have pre-arranged support/pick up if it becomes necessary. Beware of dogs!
  5. Riders are allowed to go off course for re-supply, but you must enter back onto the course at the point you left it. Course conditions or road closures may happen. If  you have to detour for a road closure, or due to unforeseen conditions, a written "excuse" and images must be provided detailing why you had to divert from the course. (A good example would be a bridge out, or a flooded road.) , Re-routes must be on as much gravel as possible for it to be allowed. The final judgment on re-routes will be rendered by Guitar Ted and his decision is final. Don't take unnecessary risks! Use what's inside that brain case and be smart!
  6. This is to be a continuous ride and must be made in one attempt. There is no time limit but you can only stop for 4 hours at a time.  If you stop for more than 4 hours in one sitting your ride is done.  Keep moving forward, and don't get too comfortable! Watch out for rabbits!
  7. You must document your ride and provide pictures and description of your adventure. This will be recorded on this site, or a site to be designated at a later date. Your ride attempt will not be posted if you do not submit a minimum of 10 pictures and 250 – 500 words describing the entire ride or one part of the ride.  Stories and images will become the property of Guitar Ted Productions, (GTP), and may be used in future projects by GTP. You also must submit a GPS track of your ride for verification. In the event that you do not have a GPS device, you may use a fellow rider's GPS track that rode along with you, but you must verify that you rode with said individual via pictorial documentation.  Any oddities or discrepancies in GPS or pictorial verification of your ride are grounds for disqualification. Stories and images must be submitted before 30 days have passed after the completion of your attempt or it will not be counted as an official finish. Take a picture of a cow!
  8. Riders must adhere to all State and Local laws that pertain to cyclists. Riders must use a rear blinking tail light and a white head light after sundown and up until dawn if riding at night, (and you will end up riding at night.) The Challenge organizer and anyone related to Trans Iowa, Guitar Ted Productions, or any of its sponsors are not responsible for you if you fail to follow the Law and rules of the road. Make good decisions. Get yer head on straight!
  9. You only get one attempt at it – make it count. 
  10. There will be records kept for the least amount of time to traverse the route in both the Challenge and ITT versions of the TIMP. These will be primarily based off GPS data. A list of attempts and times will be posted along with stories and images on this site, or another site yet to be determined. 
  11. All verified finishers of The Challenge and the ITT Challenge will receive a frame-able certificate designed by Guitar Ted Productions and  signed by Guitar Ted. There are no cash, or valuable prizes associated with this event beyond the finishing certificate. 
  12. The Schedule: There will be a list of riders and approximate times of starting listed primarily for ITT riders of the TIMP so they can coordinate starting times so as not to be riding with other riders on the route. ALL TIMP riders must declare a starting time on their release form so the times can be coordinated for ITT riders.