Yeah, we have some prizes, but they are neither bling-bling or going to help you find a mate. If you are looking to get rich by winning this event, I am sorry, but you better look elsewhere. Some prizing will be given to the top finishers in these 3 fields...
Open Men

Open Women
Open Singlespeed / Fixed Gear
Plus, there may be some Special Prizing given at the discretion of the Event Directors and Sponsors. Look for details in the "Latest News" section on any prizing that may be given out in this manner. 

Categories: There will be a Open Men, Open Women, Single Speed/Fixed, and a category for Volunteers from the previous year who gain entry for their service. 

T.I.  Sponsors: Prizing will be provided by the following fine companies. Please click on the links to learn more about them and please support them. Velocity USA is back again and will be providing a wheel set to the finisher who gets through Checkpoint #2 on time and is the last one to do so. We've done this format before with another company and it works out well and is a lot of fun for the riders. WTB is going to provide every finisher with a set of tires. Every OFFICIAL FINISHER of T.I.v13 will receive ONE PAIR of tires from WTB. The finishers can choose ONE of THREE options: 700 X 37, 700 X 45, or 650B X 47. ONE PAIR per FINISHER only and NO MIXED SETS!