"There is no "Easy Button" when it comes to Trans Iowa. Everything is difficult."- Guitar Ted

Event Dates:   APRIL 28th-29th, 2018

Entry Fee: FREE!

Field Limit: 120: NOTE- There are no transfers allowed and no waiting list for spots on the roster.

Start/Finish Town: Grinnell, Iowa-

Registration:  Plus Six & Finishers Registration CLOSED !!   Finishers and Vets Classes CLOSED! Rookie Reg starts 10/19/17  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!!! 

All entrants must follow the detailed instructions there and send postcards in at prescribed times with the asked for information. DO NOT SEND CARDS IN EARLY!! Any cards received too early for your group will be discarded and you won't get in the event. WRITE LEGIBLY! Any unreadable cards will be discarded, and any cards missing information, or having wrong information will be discarded. 

  Lodging:  There will be no longer any official lodging provided due to an incident perpetrated by a support person during T.I.v12. This almost cost me a lot of money. I'm not willing to risk someone else's ill advised behavior again.

*Pre-Race Meat Up:   Mandatory Attendance! Details coming. Stay tuned!

Course Info and Time Cut Off Info :    Details coming later in 2017.

Notes: You Are Responsible For Yourself!

*NOTE: The Pre-Race Meat-Up is mandatory for event participants to attend or you will not be riding in T.I.V14! CUES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED UNTIL THE MORNING OF THE EVENT DUE TO PAST CHEATING.