Event Dates:  April 23rd-24th 2016

Entry Fee: FREE!

Field Limit: 120:

Start/Finish Town: Grinnell, Iowa- Note: The Finish line will be at the North Parking lot of Arbor Lake park at the west end of Washington St.

Registration:  CLOSED 

 NOTE: There is NO WAITING LIST and No Transfers. There is NO WAY to get on this roster if you missed registering, or did not have a card drawn in the lottery. 

 Lodging:  Special Lodging Rates are available from the Country Inn & Suites and at the Comfort Inn & Suites, with about 50 rooms between the two motels at a rate of $79.00/night. Please mention "Trans Iowa" when reserving a room. I do know also that the Comfort Inn is going to do an early breakfast, as they have in years past, for the racers. Rooms must be reserved by March 31st, 2016 or before they run out of rooms in their blocks to secure the lower rate. Please thank the motels for being so gracious to Trans Iowa participants!!

*Pre-Race Meat Up:April 22nd. Details TBA  We will be at the Grinnell Steakhouse for the Meat-Up again. This will be similar to last year. Stay tuned for finer details......

Course Info and Time Cut Off InfoFirst checkpoint should be about 53 miles again from the start.  The latest estimate for total length is 332.3 miles. 
  • Time Cut Off for Checkpoint #1- 8:30am Saturday
  • Time Cut Off for Checkpoint #2- 7:30pm Saturday
  • Time Cut Off for the Finish- 2:00pm Sunday
  • Mileages: Overall: 332.3 miles. Distance to Checkpoint #1: 53 miles. Distance to Checkpoint #2: 165 miles

Notes: You Are Responsible For Yourself!

*NOTE: The Pre-Race Meat-Up is mandatory for event participants to attend or you will not be riding in T.I.V12!