"There is no "Easy Button" when it comes to Trans Iowa. Everything is difficult."- Guitar Ted

Event Dates:   APRIL 28th-29th, 2018

Entry Fee: FREE!

Field Limit: 120: NOTE- There are no transfers allowed and no waiting list for spots on the roster.

Start/Finish Town: Grinnell, Iowa-

Registration:   CLOSED!

  Lodging:  There will be no longer any official lodging provided due to an incident perpetrated by a support person during T.I.v12. This almost cost me a lot of money. I'm not willing to risk someone else's ill advised behavior again.

*Pre-Race Meat Up:   Mandatory Attendance! The Grinnell Steakhouse has confirmed we will be having the Meat-Up again there on Friday April 27th. Details coming. Stay tuned!

Course Info and Time Cut Off Info :    
A word about convenience stores. First off- THERE ARE NO SUPPLY CHANCES AT ANY OF THE CHECKPOINTS! Next, there are a total of FOUR convenience stores on the ENTIRE ROUTE. The last one is a 24 hour store and is about 100 miles from the finish. Plan accordingly. Time Cut Offs: (Tentatively- this could be adjusted) CP#1 Time Cut Off 8:15am - CP#2 Time Cut Off 11:00pm - Event Time Cut Off 2:00pm Sunday.

Notes: You Are Responsible For Yourself!

*NOTE: The Pre-Race Meat-Up is mandatory for event participants to attend or you will not be riding in T.I.V14! CUES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED UNTIL THE MORNING OF THE EVENT DUE TO PAST CHEATING.